Year 3

The third year of GIBS focuses on the person, life, and work of the Lord Jesus, along with a thorough understanding of the book of Acts and the dispensational transition from Law to Grace, along with a thorough, practical grasp of the nature and place of Christ’s body, the Church, in the present dispensation. This is designed to deepen the student’s personal relationship with the Savior as well as equip him or her for more effective service within the Church. This year of GIBS provides further foundational preparation for the process of biblical exegesis and exposition, which is the focus of years 4–5.

(30 Credits)

Expositional study of John 15 and the importance of the believer to abide in Christ.

(1 Credit)

Expositional overview of Colossians. 

(2 Credits)


The Person, Life, and Work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, including Old Testament prophecies and predictions of His first coming, His miraculous birth and public ministry up to Passion Week.

(3 Credits)

A continuation of the Person, Life, and Work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ from Gethsemane and Calvary to His resurrection, ascension, present ministry, return, and eternal kingdom.

(3 Credits)

 An expositional study of Acts 1–12 on the birth and growth of the early Church, covering the transition from the dispensation of Law to Grace, the place of apostleship, prophecy, and sign gifts for the establishment of the Church, persecution, and the role and power of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel.

(4 credits)

An expositional study of Acts 13–28 on the growth of the early Church, the missionary journeys of Paul, the planting and establishing of local churches, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the advancement of the Gospel despite opposition to it.

(4 Credits)

Since everything in GIBS is designed to be used in and through the local church, this class is a must. Students will study the Bible regarding the meaning, nature, plan, growth, doctrine, service, gifts, etc. of the Church.

(3 Credits)

A continuation of part 1, students will further examine from the Scriptures about the qualifications and ministry of a pastor and deacon, how a church is to respond to its spiritual leaders, along with learning about the ordinances, music, missions, separation, and future of the Church. GIBS students have remarked that these are some of the most helpful and practical classes they enjoy in GIBS.

(3 Credits)

This is a very important class that covers each of the parts of speech, rules of grammar, word for word diagramming, along with block diagramming, etc. This is all very helpful for need verbal or written communication, personal Bible study, foundational for basic Greek, etc., especially for those in other countries who may only have access to an English Bible.

(4 Credits)

Based on the textbook by Roy Zuck Basic Bible Interpretation, this course covers the history of biblical interpretation and the role of culture, grammar, figures of speech, types, symbols, parables, allegories, prophecy, use of the Old Testament in the New Testament, and faithful application of God’s Word following accurate interpretation. 

(3 credits)